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Cindy, Amber & Beth

Introducing Sweetrise, a create your own custom cake brand freshly baked by the women owned team at Source Collab. Our cakes are always hand crafted, gluten free, with traditional, paleo and vegan options.

Our iconoclastic spirit shines within and inspires our vision for you to build your dream dessert. Beyond creating delicious cakes that nourish, we bake with a style and sass that’s unique to us.

Sweetrise was founded on the premise that everyone should be able to have their cake and eat it too, no matter their dietary preference. As long as your diet includes dessert, we’ve got you covered. Sweetrise – Desserts for those who dare to eat different.

Nice to meet you, I’m Cindy Van Pelt

Cindy Van Pelt

Pastry Chef

Cindy Van Pelt is the mastermind behind the yummy goodness of Sweetrise and the sweet treats at the Source Café (Hermosa Beach, CA) and Nine24 Kitchen (Manhattan Beach, CA). She fuses her passion for health, creativity, and baking to bring the delightful pastries to life. She is proud to own a business where anyone can enjoy sweet delights and not have to think twice about what they are consuming. Cindy is excited for customers of Sweetrise to build their own custom cake with whatever flavors their heart desires, and to show customers that gluten free cakes can be just as good as a traditional cake.


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We are extremely proud of our team and all the women behind the scenes that make Sweetrise Bakery what it is today.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about us after your first bite of our delicious desserts.

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